Democratic Way  Rabat   03/06/2019

National Secretariat


on the massacre of the peaceful protesters in Sudan by the military council

The Forces of the military council have launched a bloody attack on the protesters in front of the military forces’ headquarter. This attack has been led by the military council and gangs of Bachir’s regime who used live ammunition and all forms of violence to disperse protesters. The deaths tolls are increasing while the numbers of the victims haven’t yet been counted.

This escalation of violence reveals the real face of the military council and their counter-revolution manoeuver.After gaining political and financial support from the imperialist regimes and the reactionary regimes of Saudi Arabia, Emirate and Egypt,now they are moving to the next step in order to eliminate the revolution and bring the country into reactionary violence.

  • We express our unconditionnal solidarity with the revolution of the Sudanese people which is led by the freedom and change forces.
  • We strongly condemn the military council which represents the counter revolution camp.
  • We denounce the reactionary and imperialist scramble on the Sudanese revolution.
  • We call upon all democratic forces to express solidarity and support to the Sudanese revolution, defend peace and stop the blood path led by the military council against the Sudanese people’s aspirations for freedom and social justice.

Democratic Way

National Secretariat