International Peoples Assembly
Secretariat of the Arab and Maghreb Region

Call for solidarity actions against the massacre in Sudan

On 3 June 2019 the Forces of the military council have launched a bloody attack on the peaceful protesters using live ammunition and all forms of violence. More than 100 dead civilian has been recorded while the death tolls are still increasing. Yesterday, the Nile River uncovered 40 dead bodies which the military forces tried to cover in order to hide the atrocity of their massacre against the Sudanese people.
The military has launched a major crack-down in order to eliminate the peaceful protests. Now they are targeting with live ammunition youths, women and children in order to spread fear among the Sudanese people. This massacre is supported politically and financially by the imperialist forces and the reactionary regimes of Saudi Arabia, Emirate and Egypt.
For this reason, we call upon all peoples’ movements to express solidarity with the Sudanese people, denounce the crime of the military council and condemn the reactionary and imperialist scramble on the Sudanese revolution.
Regional Secretariat